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Congratulations to the HyperActors,
who took home the Big Brains Award with $3,054 in fundraising and 4,154 points over the course of the entire event. Their amazing $3,000+ in fundraising won them a zipline adventure at Palo Duro Canyon.

1. HyperActors: $3054 + 1000 points = 4154 points
2. Straight Outta Compton: $2021 + 1375 points = 3396 points
3. Scotties and Hotties: $1891 + 1000 points = 2891 points
4. Red Brick Cobras; $1129 +1150 points = 2279 points
5. Technical Knockouts: $1089 + 800 points = 1889 points
6. Boots n Bucks: $489 + 300 points = 789 points
7. Connect the Dots: $200 = 200 points


1. Straight Outta Compton: 975 points in 90:42 minutes*
2. HyperActors: 700 points in 89:55 minutes
3. Red Brick Cobras: 650 Points in 89:44 minutes
4. Scotties and Hotties: 600 points in 87:44 minutes
5. Technical Knockouts: 500 points in 88:47 minutes

*Their actual score was 1000 points, but they lost 25 points due to a one-minute penalty

INDIVIDUAL: Matt Morgan was the top individual fundraiser with $1,224 and won two tickets to a taping of Austin City Limits. Presumably he'll be sharing that with his wife, Jenny Morgan, who finished in second with $1,040.

What is the Big Idea Challenge?
It's a five-week puzzle adventure that pits teams of smart people against each other as they solve challenging puzzles across Amarillo, all while raising money for Panhandle PBS. How does it work? Download this handy illustrated guide.

Teams of 6 to 10 compete for bragging rights as they strive to earn the coveted “Big Brains” award. Team members earn points by raising money through social media, e-mail, and by asking friends and family to help out. They also get points for solving puzzles correctly. Teams who earn the required number of points get to participate in the FINAL CHALLENGE live the evening of April 29, 2016. Official rules and legal whatnot.

Questions? Contact us at bigideatexas@yahoo.com.