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After four weeks of clue-solving, one month of fundraising, and a mad dash through downtown Amarillo in the May 1 Final Challenge, here are the final standings for the entire Big Idea Challenge. Congrats to the AC Brainiacs, who won the Big Brains Trophy and bragging rights for the rest of 2015!

 AC Brainiacs 7104
Hyperactors 2867
Alfred Clifford Slater Corp 2103
Brain Stormers Elite 2090
Samuel J. Screech Powers 2059
Bank on It 1261
We Thought This Was Bingo 1051
It’s a Mad Mad Team 800
Reddi Kilowatt Crew 600
Sparkys 446
Connect the Dots 324
LOA 213
Smartinis 200


What is the Big Idea Challenge?
It's a five-week puzzle adventure that pits teams of smart people against each other as they solve challenging puzzles across Amarillo, all while raising money for Panhandle PBS. How does it work? Download this handy illustrated guide.

Teams of 6 to 10 compete for bragging rights as they strive to earn the coveted “Big Brains” award. Team members earn points by raising money through social media, e-mail, and by asking friends and family to help out. They also get points for solving puzzles correctly. Teams who earn the required number of points get to participate in the FINAL CHALLENGE live the evening of May 1, 2015. Official rules.

Questions? Contact us at bigideatexas@yahoo.com.